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Name : Weedhopper Press
Country : ?
Web location : International Type Museum
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Statute : Freeware
Situation : Closed
Requests rank : 88 (164 requests)

Profile : Jeremiah Morris founded Weedhopper Press in 1993 as a publishing company; its current incarnation was launched in 1996 as a showcase for fonts, programs, and other creative endeavors. Since then, the flagship product AppearanceHopper has gathered over 250 registered users, and WHPress fonts and programs have been featured in magazines and CD-ROM collections worldwide. Jeremiah spends his free time handling all aspects of WHPress' operations. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Catherine Seppanen.

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There is currently 1 font from Weedhopper Press in the International Type Index :

1- DKC Forever
by Morris, Jeremiah
original design

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