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Author(s) : Lee, Mike H.
Created : 1999-05-30
Registered : 2003-01-30 18:11:01 (Id# 313)

Kind: original design
Genre :  Alphabetic > Manual > Script
Effect : normal

Sets available : normal
Variants : Regular

Available for : Macintosh / Windows
Status : freeware
Current rating : Not yet rated.
Request rank : 332 (96 requests)
Profile : The Veknoid [Boonta] font comes from the Star Wars movie "The Phantom Menace" and the Scrapbook. The info for this font comes from Scott Watson. Seeing that info for this font is small, expect an update.
NOTE: This font was previously named Boonta after the festival it is seen in, but we renamed it Veknoid because Mike Dolan found out that the Boonta festival & Pod races seem to be inspired by the Veknoid aliens. The Veknoid [Boonta] symbols are visible on the Racing Pod of Teemto Pagalies (A furry, Bulldog-faced being) in the Incredible Cross-Sections Book. Teemto has been identified as a Veknoid, another species famous for having many members who are Podracers.

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