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Author(s) : Escondido, Tommy of
Created : 1999-07-05
Registered : 2003-01-30 18:31:56 (Id# 316)

Kind: original design
Genre :  Alphabetic > Mechanical > Sans
Effect : normal

Sets available : normal
Variants : Regular

Available for : Macintosh / Windows
Status : freeware
Current rating : Not yet rated.
Request rank : 422 (71 requests)
Profile : By Tommy & Mike Dolan from a source sent by Mike Dolan from Star Wars Insider Magazine #35, Winter 1997. Article: "Making Special Edition Collectibles - A Talk with Designer Eric Larson", pages 63-67. The single picture appears on page 65.
Relevant quotes: "I created some boxes for Pizza Hut...I then created "Jabba's Alphabet." Years ago at a World con, I got to work for Howard Kazanjian, the producer of Jedi and Raiders. We had to put the frozen Han Solo and speeder bike together for the exhibit, and while doing so I noticed the writing on the props. I asked Howard what it was and he told me it was Hebrew, so when I designed Jabba's alphabet I used a modern Hebrew font as a model." -- from Designer Eric Larson.
Mike Dolan and I feel than since nothing is made for StarWars without the OK of Lucas & Co., this is as canon as Trade Huttese will get.

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