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Author(s) : Bussone, Bill
Created : 1999-01-01
Registered : 2003-05-21 13:20:53 (Id# 340)

Kind: original design
Genre :  Alphabetic > Mechanical > Sans
Effect : normal

Sets available : normal
Variants : Regular

Available for : Macintosh / Windows
Status : freeware
Current rating :
Request rank : 127 (204 requests)
Profile : No matter what they may proclaim, neither Yahoo! and any and all of its subsidiaries, employees nor affiliates have *any* claim upon this font. This font is freeware and is for personal usage by anyone. For commercial usage, please contact Bill at bussone@vt.edu to negotiate a reasonable price. Yahoo! and any of its subsidiaries, especially Geocities are excluded from this agreement and are forbidden to use this font or claim ownership in any way, shape, or form. This agreement is irrevocable and perpetual. Sorry boys, I don't Yahoo.

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